CleanMyPC 1.0.55: CleanMyPC is a cleaning software for Windows with an easy-to-use interface

CleanMyPC 1.0.55

CleanMyPC is a new cleaning and maintenance utility for Windows from MacPaw Inc., which has already made a strike with its product CleanMyMac. CleanMyPC includes a suite of cleaning tools for Windows computers. The main cleaning component promises to remove gigabytes of files from a PC, and is backed up by five maintenance tools: Secure Erase, Complete Uninstall, Registry Maintenance, Autorun and Gadgets & Extensions Manager.

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Pc Optimizer 360 3.1: Pc Optimizer 360 is all in one registry cleaner and spyware adware virus removal

Pc Optimizer 360 3.1

A Complete Pc Tool to Fix Errors, Optimize PC , Cleans Virus and Spywares. Advance Features include Registry Cleaning, Disk Defrag, Junk file Cleaner and advance troubleshooter. Complete Utility for PC Security and Optimization. Best Features Spyware, Adware & Virus Cleaning, Registry Cleaning, Cleans Junk Files & Optimize PC, Create backup and Restore entire Registry, Ensure Speed Start up, Includes Browser Optimizer & Junk Cleaner

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Fast Cleaner 4.7: A fast, powerful and easy to use disk clean utility with a skinnable interface.

Fast Cleaner 4.7

cleaning up of your harddisks and smooth running of your system. 5. Value-added functions for advanced users to perform manual disk cleanup. 6. Secure cleaning and exclude options! 7. User-friendly and Wizard Interface! Very easy to use! 8. Supervise your kids by using Clean Assistant to list up the websites they have browsed! 9. Scan and clean up Internet Cache,Cookies,History to Protect Your Internet Privacy! 10. Clean up Windows Temporary Folder

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Baisvik Disk Cleaner Free Latest development from Baisvik. Absolutely free disk cleanup utility.

Baisvik Disk Cleaner Free

Baisvik Disk Cleaner Free is a powerful tool for cleaning disks from junk files. These files accumulate on your computer at work with Internet, games, graphics and text editors, etc. The more of these files on your disk, the slower your computer. In addition, these files can contain your privacy, which can fall into the hands of fraudsters. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the disks of dust at least once a week.

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Yeahbit Systemkeep Free 1.03: The best computer maintenance software, super easy to use, 100% free security

Yeahbit Systemkeep Free 1.03

Yeahbit Systemkeep Free is a new generation of PC maintenance tool. It is 100% safe and free. It can accomplish all PC maintenance job perfectly by one click, such as, registry cleaning and repair, Spyware killing, repair ,privacy protection, disk cleaning, speeding up and optimize system. Besides, there are more free and utility tools to choose from. It can accelerate system and preserve your PC, and also improve the performance of your PC.

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dfg ShutDown XP 3.7.2: PC shut down, time sync., disk cleaning, PC protection and automation utility

dfg ShutDown XP 3.7.2

This program is a professional PC shut down, time sync, disk cleaning and PC protection utility. dfg ShutDown gives you an easy and thorough time controlled and automatic way to shutdown, restart or log off your system with optional power off and forcing (no questioning). Add. options: Countdown Counter (visual and acoustic), built in alarm clock function (alarm sound), PC protection,action logging,atomic time PC synchronisation,disk cleane,etc

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Driver Fusion 1.2.0

cleaning process by using the Treexy cloud driver database which ensures the best possible removal of Windows device drivers, in particular those unused, conflicting and unwanted drivers. Device control is the advanced Windows device manager that allows the user to restart, enable or disable any installed device and it is even possible to easily uninstall, backup or restore the device drivers. Best of all, Treexy Driver Fusion does all this for free

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Disk Space Recovery Wizard 2012: One Click PC cleaner and system optimizer

Disk Space Recovery Wizard 2012

Disk Space Recovery Wizard is the No 1 Disk Cleaning and system optimization utility. With it`s advanced search and clean capability it can find thousands of junk files with one touch of a button and optimize your PC for faster performance. Overall this tool is a great choice to keep your hard drive clean and your pc running just like new.

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ID Data Wipe 1.2: ID Data Wipe is a high quality shredder program.

ID Data Wipe 1.2

cleaning the Recycle Bin. - Offers the delete-wipe option, letting you delete and wipe files and folders using a pop-up context menu in an Explorer Window. - Provides the possibility of gaining additional space on your disk by permanently removing deleted files. ID Data Wipe allows you to wipe traces of old deleted files, cleaning your disk of junk files. - Cleans automatically the Windows Swap files, when running the `Wipe free disk space` command

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Seattle Roof Cleaning 1.0: Seattle Roof Cleaning, ie, toolbar, internet explorer

Seattle Roof Cleaning 1.0

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